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The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers

Citizen Dane is very proud to be the sole Danish member of The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ).

IQ is composed of film and communication production companies and the network spans 6 continents and 50 countries. Among our IQ colleagues, several are Oscar and Emmy award winners.

IQ is an ‘invite only’ network, and each of its 100 members is carefully selected based on their quality deliveries.

IQ helps us get the best film crews – wherever we need to be in the world – which helps us getting the top locations and the best input on the ideas. This contributes to reassurance and cost containment for our customers, and it has benefited our customers in many ways when we have worked e.g., in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic and in the US.

Citizen Dane’s CEO, Klaus Schiang-Franck, was VP of IQ for several years.

Think of Citizen Dane as the Copenhagen office of the world’s largest and strongest film and communication production company, like we do.

Watch the showreel about IQ!

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Klaus Schiang-Franck

Creative Manager / CEO

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