Citizen Dane and our directors have throughout the years received numerous Danish and international awards.

In 2018 Citizen Dane received Golden awards at the prestigious American Hermes Creative Awards, Telly Awards, Top Indie Film Awards and Mindfield Film Festival. And our films have been nominated at festivals in New Zealand, Italy and Hollywood.

In 2017 we have received awards at Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, at Best Shorts, at IndieFest Film Awards and at MarCom Awards - all in the USA.

In 2016 we received the top prize, Award of Excellence, in the category ”Environmental Issues” at the prestigious American Videographer Awards. We also were awarded a golden statuette at The International Business Awards, a Telly Award, and Gold at Hermes Creative Awards in the USA.

In 2015 Citizen Dane received two Platinum and two Gold statuettes at AVA Digital Awards in the categories "Corporate Image" and "Company Overview". And we have been awarded four statuettes at the American Telly Awards and two at Hermes Creative Awards. In addition we received an International Business Award and four first prizes at Videographer Awards in the USA.

In 2014 we also received more than 10 international awards.
Our films were awarded gold in categories like ”Corporate Image”, ”Public Relations” and ”Safety”

In 2013 Citizen Dane was awarded 7 statuettes at different American festivals. The films received gold in categories like ”Internal Communication” and ”Employee Communication”.

We also have golden statuettes from festivals like:

U.S. International Film and Video Festival

New York International Independent Film & Video Festival


International Business Awards

Hermes Creative Awards

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

WorldFest Houston

Telly Awards

The Aurora Awards

Videographer Awards

Summit Creative Awards