In 2023 we have won Gold at Hollywood Independent Film Festival, at Avalonia Festival, at Nassau Film Festival, at New York International Immigration Film Festival, at Political Film Festival, and at KinoDrome Festival in the USA, at United International Film Festival in England, at Luleå International Film Festival in Sweden, at Couch Film Festival in Canada, at Nepal Indie Film Festival in Nepal, at Jeju Movie Concert Festival in Korea, at Eagle International Film Festival, at Sittannavasal International Film Festival and at Shashin International Film Festival in India, as well as at Sydney Film & Screenplay Festival in Australia. Furthermore, our film has been nominated in e.g. Italy, Mexico and Kuwait.

In 2022, we took Gold at MLC Awards and at Scene Awards in the US, and we were nominated in Italy, India, Mexico, Greece, Korea, Kosovo, Poland, Cap Verde and South Africa.

In 2021, we won Gold at the Nanjing International Film Festival in China and at the Golden Wheat Awards in Turkey. We received the Audience Award at the CAA Film Festival in the US, and we were nominated at several international festivals including in Germany, India, Australia, Korea, and in the US.

In 2020, we made our mark at the Broadway International Film Festival in Los Angeles as well as at festivals in a number of other countries from Poland to Australia.

In 2019, we scooped Gold at the prestigious US festivals Global Independent Film Awards, Communicator Awards, Nassau Film Festival, Top Indie Film Awards, Summit Creative Awards and Global Film Festival Awards. In addition, we were recognized with the ‘Award of Excellence’ at the Best Shorts Film Festival, and our films were nominated at festivals from Cannes to Hollywood, including in India, France, Canada, Croatia, and in the UK.

In 2018, we won gold at the US Hermes Creative Awards, Telly Awards, Top Indie Film Awards and Mindfield Film Festival, as well as at the Kala Samruddhi International Film Festival in India. Our films were nominated at festivals from New Zealand and Australia to Serbia and Italy, and on to the UK and Hollywood.

In 2017, we received awards at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, at Best Shorts, at the IndieFest Film Awards and at the MarCom Awards – all in the US.

In 2016, we took Gold at the prestigious The International Business Awards in the US. In addition, we won the top prize, ‘Award of Excellence’, in the Environment category at the US Videographer Awards. Finally, we won a Telly Award and Gold at the Hermes Creative Awards.

In 2015, we took home the first statuettes – two Platinum and two Gold – from the AVA Digital Awards in the US in the ‘Corporate Image’ and ‘Company Overview’ categories. They were quickly followed by four US Telly Awards and two Hermes Creative Awards, after which we received an ‘International Business Award’. Finally, we won four first prizes at the Videographer Awards in the US.

Among our earlier achievements, we can mention awards from various prestigious international festivals such as:

U.S. International Film and Video Festival, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, ITVA, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, WorldFest Houston, The Aurora Awards and Summit Creative Awards.

These awards were won in categories such as ‘Corporate Image’, ‘Public Relations’, ‘Internal Communication’, ‘Employee Communication’, ‘Documentary’ and ‘Safety’.

Read the US article to learn more about how we won 14 Telly Awards!

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