A Royal Family

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International documentary: In this award-winning, six-part series, 30 kings, queens, princes, and princesses tell a fantastic story about power, love, tragedy, and honour.

Through the frank interviews given in A Royal Family, viewers are given unique insight into generations of royal family connections that transcend national borders. In this way, a piece of exciting European history is recounted from a time when royal superpowers controlled Europe through marriage.

Directed by: Marcus Mandal and Anna von Lowzow.

Global reach: A Royal Family has been broadcast in 150 countries.

Awards: WorldFest Houston, Columbus International Film & Video Festival and AXIEM Awards.

Tomorrow night, some 1,000,000 Danes will switch to DR1 to watch the third episode of the series about The Royal Families, which has received audience reviews reaching what can only be described as – well – ‘royal heights’.
Berlingske Tidende

The series is truly impressive: grandly conceived and beautifully executed, with a veritable wealth of fascinating old film clips, a script that turns the private stories of the princely families into an entry point to the grand political and cultural history of the time, and with plenty of time for both broad strokes and countless anecdotes.


Produced by Nordisk Film

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