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Task: A few years ago, ISS made its mark in Danish financial history with one of the largest IPOs ever.
Citizen Dane had been asked to produce the films that were an important part of the communication
in connection with the listing. The purpose of the films was to visualise the value of the company.

Synopsis: Working closely with ISS’ Marketing Director and Communications Director, we developed the production outline. It quickly became clear that we were to put people and images to the visions that had already been put into practice in the large group: to focus on the 500,000 employees and on the fact that the human touch makes all the difference for a service company like ISS. No media conveys people better than movies.

Production: Based on a meticulous plan, we filmed in eight countries in a few weeks, partly with the help of our close partners in the US, the Czech Republic and China. The film was produced in different versions, and this film is one of the short versions. The full-length film has served as the ISS company movie for many years.

Awards: The latest corporate film has been awarded two impressive prizes at the prestigious
US Hermes Creative Awards. Citizen Dane won no less than Platinum in the ‘Corporate Image’ category
and Gold in the ‘Public Relations’ category. The film also won statuettes in the ‘Corporate Image’ category
at the US Telly Awards and Summit Creative Award. In addition, it received two top prizes at the annual Videographer Awards. It won in the categories ‘Corporate Image’ and ‘Company Overview’.
And finally, it received a Silver Stevie Award at The International Business Awards.

The film framed our value proposition and, obviously, we are proud that it has won several international awards. What is more important
is that the experience was authentic and that not only the savvy investor, but also our employee, whether based in Stockholm or Sydney, can relate to the ISS reality that this film describes.
Peter Ankerstjerne
Marketing Director at ISS

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