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Kopenhagen Fur

Task: Kopenhagen Fur was the world’s largest fur company and, over the years, Citizen Dane has created a number of films for them – both in Denmark and abroad. The task was to create a presentation film that, neither with speak nor interviews, could give an accurate understanding of inspiration and information about Kopenhagen Fur, with the annual fur auctions as the centrepiece.

Process: Kopenhagen Fur’s VP Marketing, Ditte Sorknæs, provided the input to Citizen Dane and gave the
go-ahead to create a synopsis. After approval and thorough research on location, we shot with a small crew
for two days.

Awards: The film was given an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the American Hermes Creative Awards in the category ‘Public Relations’.

We have had several films produced with Citizen Dane, who have been shooting for us, both here in Denmark and in China. I have just returned from our official visit to China, and the new films were very well received. It’s the first time we’ve worked with Citizen Dane, and we’re really pleased. The films support and simplify the messaging to our stakeholders, and films of this caliber give an immediate and clear message of the level that Copenhagen Fur intends to work at.
It captures the excitement that sizzles at our auction days and, at the same time, the audience in our main target group, China and Russia, get a sense and confirmation of the high-ranked aesthetic of our product through great filming.

Kenneth Loberg
Marketing Director, Kopenhagen Fur

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