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Task: GN, originally called ‘Det Store Nordiske Telegraf-Selskab’ (The Great Nordic Telegraph Company), has always been characterised by a pioneering spirit. Innovation and excellent sound have been the hallmarks of the company ever since the telegraph to today’s most advanced headsets (Jabra) and hearing aids (ReSound). Citizen Dane was appointed to produce ten short films telling GN’s remarkable story in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary. The key was to make them relatable and interesting to all people i.e., employees, customers, and partners around the world.

Synopsis: After preparing the synopses in collaboration with GN, Citizen Dane managed the script writing, the photo research, the planning, the shooting and the editing, etc.

Production: We developed whole new ways of bringing old black and white photos to life for the films.
Through simple re-enactments, we infused life into the still images.

Result: GN now uses the ten films around the world to share their fascinating story. All films are produced in different durations, for example a very short one for social media.

Awards: The films – directed by Marcus Mandal – were winners at the Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles, the Summit Creative Awards and at the Communicator Awards (US), and at Aasha International Film Festival in India . Furthermore, they received an ‘Award of Excellence’ at the Best Shorts Film Festival (US), an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the Nassau Film Festival (US) and was nominated at the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes (France), the History Film Festival (Croatia), the 300 Seconds Short Film Festival (Canada), the Kala Samruddhi International Film Festival (India) and at the Lift-Off Global Network (UK).

Never before have we unfolded the Group’s history as we do here. This means a lot, also within the group. Today, we are present in 100 countries, and when our colleagues around the world have seen the films, many say: “Wow, I had no idea.” So, it’s a project that unites and strengthens our identity.  The films are also a way for employees to pass on bits and pieces of our heritage and our story, including when talking to customers and partners in the field.

Steen Frentz Laursen
VP Group Communication, GN Store Nord

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