I Am a Very Special Being

Autismecenter Storstrøm

Music Video: In this lovely and heartfelt music video, you meet Christian, age 40, who is diagnosed with autism. He has written the lyrics himself, and he is also the one performing the song.
The video has won prizes all over the world – 95 awards and nominations! And it was selected to open the SIKON Conference, organised by the Danish National Autism Association.


The song ‘I Am a Very Special Being’ has been awarded Gold at the American Hollywood Independent Film Festival, Global Independent Film AwardsNassau Film Festival, Top Indie Film Awards, MLC Awards, Scene Awards, David Film Festival, and Mindfield Film Festival, at Nanjing International Film Festival in China, at Golden Wheat Awards in Turkey, at Jeju Movie Concert Festival in Korea, at Kala Samruddhi International Film Festival, at Shashin International Film Festival, at Aasha International Film Festival, at Kodaikanal International Film Festival, at Cinema Ticket International Film Festival, at Pramma International Film Festival, at Eagle International Film Festival, at Thilsri International Film Festival, at Kalaburagi International Film Festival, and at International Happiness Film Festival in India, at Nepal Indie Film Festival in Nepal, and at Sydney Film & Screenplay Festival in Australia. It has won the Fan Favorite Award  at College of Adaptive Arts Film Festival (USA), the Audience Award at Filmmaker United International Film Festival (United Kingdom), has been awarded Bronze at Global Film Festival (USA) and Honorable Mention at Italy International Film Festival (Italy) and at Emerald Coast Film Festival (USA). And it has been nominated at Los Angeles Film Awards (USA), Auckland International Film Festival (New Zealand), Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (USA), International Film Festival of Ahmednagar (India), Autismovie (Italy), Las Vegas Global Film Convention (USA), Focus on Ability Short Film Festival (Australia), Broadway International Film Festival (USA), Prince of Prestige Academy Award (USA), Luna Lumen Film Festival (USA), Azalea Film Festival (USA), Film Festival Senior Movie (Poland), Karnavati International Film Festival (India), Filmfest Bremen (Germany), Lift-Off Global Network (United Kingdom), Art Without Limit International Film Festival (Kosova), The AIU Film Festival (Kuwait), Film Festival Seize (Serbia), Scene Awards (USA), SDSW Festival (Australia), LIFFT India Filmotsav – World Cine Fest (India), Beautiful Soul Film Festival (USA), Busan New Wave Short Film Festival (Korea), Denver Film Awards (USA), MLC Awards (USA), Cranford Film Festival (USA), Go Mental! International Short Film Festival (Germany), MICAM Film Fest (Mexico), Jharkhand Film Festival (India), Spring Grove Caledonia Film Festival (USA), MUCEM (Mexico), LAMPA International Film Festival (Russia), Sydney Film & Screenplay Festival (Australia), Transparent Film Festival (USA), F-T Filmmaker Sessions (UK), Film Festival (Australia), Global Bengaluru International Film Festival (India), ICAN/LAX International Film Competition (USA), Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (South Africa), Symbol Of Knowledge Arts And International Film Festival ( India), Art Without Limit International Film Festival (Kosovo), Lane Doc Fest (USA), SATX Cinema Showdown (USA), Abilities Virtual Film Festival (USA), Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival (Iraq), Korea International Short Film Festival (Korea), International Film Festival (India), The Nickis Film Festival (USA), AmiCorti International Film Festival (Italy), Australia Film Festival (Australia), Officine Social Movie (Italy), Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (Korea), MUCEM (Mexico), Tournadeau Film Festival (USA), One Earth Awards (India), Chiayi International Three Minutes Video Competition (Taiwan), Rayany Creators Film Festival (Scotland), Four Corners Film Festival (USA), Sanctuary Film Festival (Australia), AIU Film Festival (Kuwait), Greece Film Festival Awards (Greece), 7th Siding Festival of Film (Canada), DjarFogo International Film Festival (Cape Verde), Esto Es Para Esto (Mexico), Aporia International Village Film Festival (Korea), Film Olympiad (Greece), Heart International Italian Film Festival (Italy), Asia Film Festival (India), Independent Art Film Awards (USA), and at Oska Bright Film Festival (United Kingdom).

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