I stopped wearing the hijab

The Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration

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Hana is 20 years old. In her teens, she chose to stop wearing a hijab which resulted in harassment from her old group of friends who thought she was living her life out too freely. Hana put an end to the bullying and is now trying to live her life according to her own wishes and dreams.

This video is a part of a campaign that consists of videos featuring three women who have experienced social control in different ways. The videos deal with issues such as surveillance and control, religious harassment, rumour-mongering, parallel societies, reintegration trips and arranged marriages, issues that many young women in Denmark can relate to.

All videos are produced in 3 versions for different social media purposes: one of 10 seconds for e.g., Snapchat, another of just under a minute for e.g., Instagram and yet another one of 2-3 minutes aiming at e.g., Facebook.

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