Safety induction to wind energy


Background: Ørsted was an early starter in wind energy, and with that venture, a lot of people were to receive basic safety training. VP Søren Jensen at Ørsted Wind contacted Citizen Dane / RISK Film and acquired a synopsis of the safety training production.

Task: Working closely together, we created an animated universe and managed to narrow down the production to three films that would be part of a one-hour training course with a trainer. The films illustrated their own universe, where our ‘host’ was assisted by a sketched background. The films also featured a third element, documentary shots, where course participants would see colleagues telling convincing real-life stories.

Result: Probably the most successful safety film in the history of Ørsted. The film has been seen by more than 100,000 people and is still used as a safety induction for all Wind Power employees and contractors. Also, the project got its own little karaoke video that went viral in Ørsted with the song ‘Let’s talk about safety’ – a song that, accompanied by a gospel choir, climaxed at a Christmas party.

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