Living the ISS Safety Rules

Understanding the ISS Safety Rules is a mandatory part of the induction training for new employees. Citizen Dane made a silent animation film.

The Bow Tie Model

Using an animated universe, a complex message is ‘translated’ into an accessible and engaging cartoon about safety at work.

Technical information

The Blending-on-Board lubrication system reduces the consumption of lubricating oil by up to 40% and reduces fuel consumption as well.

Showreel: Animations

Explore how large global companies adopt animation and cartoons in their coporate presentation and e-learning.

Safety Induction

To ensure maximum security, Carlsberg wanted a short and to-the-point security introduction for their guests and suppliers.

Safety videos without speak

Four animated safety films that are entertaining, to-the-point and easy to understand to increase safety awareness.

IT Security

A series of short cartoons on IT security with a focus on phishing and social engineering. Produced for Nordea by Citizen Dane.

A graphic video – no speak

A small graphic video – with no speak – informing about the Executive Group community in the Danish ‘HK/Kommunal’.

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