Corporate Film

Virtual CEO communication

3Shape makes scanners and software for dentists all over the world with enormous success and chose Citizen Dane for the latest product launch.

Corporate film

A corporate branding film visualising the company’s value ahead of an IPO and serving as an important part of the communication.



Video on infrastructure investment in infrastructure in developing markets.

Historical anniversary film

Ten short films telling GN’s remarkable story in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary. ¬†From the telegraph to the most advanced headsets (Jabra) and hearing aids (ReSound).

United Nations Global Compact

A film about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals which was shown at the kick-off of the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in New York.

Film for annual gathering

IoT, apps, robots, and augmented reality. These technologies are rapidly gaining ground and will revolutionize the entire installation industry.

Initial Public Offering

Nets was to be listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. Citizen Dane produced four films on the occasion of this IPO.

Green Growth Leaders

An opening film at an international conference for Green Growth Leaders focusing on the environment and sustainable energy.

Fashion Commercial

Prior to Covid-19, Copenhagen Fur was the largest fur auction house in the world and the global hub of the fur trade.

Kirk Arabians

A beautiful film on Arabian horses. The film landed a sizeable collection of statuettes from the AVA Digital Awards in the US.

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