Risk Film


Watch Out !

TotalEnergies wanted to have an informational video produced for all people who could potentially be appointed to be a standby person on a platform.

Living the ISS Safety Rules

Understanding the ISS Safety Rules is a mandatory part of the induction training for new employees. Citizen Dane made a silent animation film.

Green Growth Leaders

An opening film at an international conference for Green Growth Leaders focusing on the environment and sustainable energy.

Covid-19: Wash your Hands!

Learn how to wash your hands properly to protect yourself and others from coronavirus/COVID-19 (Danish Health Authority).

Financial presentation film

The Danish FSA’s presentation film about their mission to build legitimate trust among citizens in the financial system.

The Bow Tie Model

Using an animated universe, a complex message is ‘translated’ into an accessible and engaging cartoon about safety at work.

Risk Film

Get a glimpse of a series of examples of health and safety films created by Denmark’s most experienced producer in the field.

Technical information

The Blending-on-Board lubrication system reduces the consumption of lubricating oil by up to 40% and reduces fuel consumption as well.

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