Risk Film

Prevention of terror

A course made up of eight films. The aim is to provide knowledge and insight that will help participants to prevent a terrorist attack.

Congested traffic in the North Sea

With the many oil and gas installations and the increasing number of wind farms, maritime traffic in the North Sea faces major challenges.

Helicopter Evacuation

A training video of a simulated helicopter evacuation performed under water (HUET).

Don’t just walk away!

A humoristic safety video: It’s OK to speak up when you see a colleague putting himself or others at risk.

Hejre 3D animation

In this 3D animation, we follow the construction and installation process of the Hejre platform in the North Sea.

Use of fall protection gear

A safety film raising awareness among people working at height about the use and importance of fall protection equipment.

Beware of the ears!

Featuring TV doctor Peter Qvortrup Geisling, we talk about the importance of taking care of your hearing when working in noisy environments.

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