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Citizen Dane has more than 10 years of experience producing e-learning courses for smaller as well as big, global companies. Among our e-learning customers are ├śrsted, Femern Belt and Maersk.

The academic and pedagogical aspect is always on focus, and we use the elements that best suit the target group and the effect the customer will achieve.

We produce everything from small more linear courses to large non-linear ones with multiple levels within the same course. These can be basic inspirational courses, where elements such as films, animations and explanatory graphics are emphasized, or e-learning with built-in tests, where tasks of varying nature play a greater role.

Underlying statistics can go from the very simple thing, like showing who has completed the course, to the advanced, where you can go into the individual student’s answer and see where any errors occur.

Our experience of working globally makes cultural adaptation and language versions a natural part of the process, as well as adapting to the company’s visual expression and course activities in general. We are very proud to be member of The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ). IQ comprises 50 countries spanning 6 continents, and our customers benefited greatly from our network.

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