Marcus Mandal


Marcus Mandal is an in-house director at Citizen Dane, and has made many films for clients such as Maersk, Novo Nordisk, GN, ISS, Bestseller and Rolls-Royce.

Marcus has achieved worldwide acknowledgment for his international documentary films. The TV series “A Royal Family” has been viewed in a total of 150 countries; and “KAREN BLIXEN – Out of This World”, featuring Meryl Streep, is a multi award winning documentary.

All in all, Marcus has recieved more than 200 awards and nominations from all over the world.

Marcus graduated from the Danish School of Journalism and the University of Copenhagen (Political Science). He has worked with TV news as a reporter, anchor, and editor-in-chief. For 10 years he was a director and editor-in-chief at Nordisk Film.

And in addition to this, he made the Guinness Book of Records holding the world record in snowball-juggling marathon!

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