History Film

Citizen Dane's in-house director, Marcus Mandal has produced historic movies of very high quality. International films like "Karen Blixen - Out of This World" which is one of the most award-winning Danish documentaries ever. And TV-series like "A Royal Family" which has been shown in 150 countries. Citizen Dane has produced historic films like GN's and Falck's jubilee movies.

In our international network, Citizen Dane has companies that produce high-end historic films and multimedia for museums like the Smithsonian in Washington D.C., for movie theaters, and TV-stations like History Channel.

Screenshot - Connecting The World b GN 150 Years


Jubilee movie: Connecting the World

Karen Blixen 2 Karen Blixen - Out of This World

DR and Broadcasters all over the world

Featuring Meryl Streep.

En Kongelige Familie A Royal Family

DR and Broadcasters all over the world

Kings and Queens tell their fantastic stories of love and power.

Jacob Riis 2 Jacob A. Riis - An Amazing Journey

Looking for funding

About the history of journalism, social history, and immigrant life.

På Togt Med Kongeskibet The Dannebrog - Cruising With the Royals

DR and Broadcasters all over the world

A fascinating insight into life aboard a royal yacht.

Bag Om GN This is how we do it

GN (Jabra/ReSound)

Watch how we optimize the use of old pictures!


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