Public Film

Communication for the public sector to citizens, employees, and decision makers.

Citizen Dane like this business very much as it gives us an opportunity to meet and understand the people who are a part of, or benefit from the system. People and their needs are always at the center of interest - whether we make a presentation film for the Capital Region of Denmark or a film about an autism center.

UN UN Global Compact

United Nations / Sustainia

The opening film for the "UN Global Compact Leaders Summit" in New York.

Christian I Am a Very Special Being

Autismcenter Storstrøm

Music video with Christian who has autism.

Jacob Rosenberg International Presentation

The Capital Region of Denmark

Film for the American and Chinese audience.

Ny Ældrepolitik Senior Citizen Welfare

The City of Copenhagen

Video about the policy on Senior Citizen Welfare in Copenhagen

Det Digitale Tilbud -250x 115 Digital Living

Autismecenter Storstrøm

Digital media improves the quality of life for people with autism.


Danish Maritime Authority

Navigation in the North Sea Region faces a significant challenge.

Klar Til Start Ready to Start

Unges Uddannelsescenter

Film about autism

Sundhedsstyrelsen Køkken There is snot on your hands!

The National Board of Health

Everyday situations about hygiene.

Autismecenter 2018 A Good Place to Be

Autismcenter Storstrøm

Video presenting Autism Center Storstrøm.

A-Lampen The A-Lamp

Municipality of Albertslund

The street lamp of the future.

Efficiensea EfficienSea

Danish Maritime Authority

About efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea.

Region Hovedstaden Generel Presentation of The Capital Region

The Capital Region of Denmark

Presentation of the The Capital Region of Denmark.

SS Instruktionsfilm Handwashing

The National Board of Health

How to wash your hands.

Livshistorier Life Stories

Storstroem Autism Centre

An MCA Awards winner.

Miljø Environment

The Capital Region of Denmark

An introduction to discuss.

Sundhedsstyrelsen Fakta What's on your fingers?

The National Board of Health

A humoristic film about handwashing.

Danske Regioner Regional leaders

Vaeksthus for Ledelse

A simpel and effective graphical film.

3F Fisker Fisherman


A series of portraits of the members of 3F.


Bestseller PET Rolls Royce Maersk Orsted3 Sundhedsstyrelsen ISS Falck DSB Carlsberg3 Region Hovedstaden Novo3 Dansk Industri Siemens