The bow tie model (animated video)


This animated film explains the meaning of the terms “bow tie model” and “safety barrier”.

Task: For the annual safety day at all Maersk Oil's departments around the world, Maersk wanted a film that could make everyone understand what the concept of “safety barrier” in the Bow Tie Model means and what the individual employee's role is in process safety.

Synopsis: Citizen Dane RISK Film developed an animated universe, and together with Maersk's specialists in process security, we "translated" the complicated message into an easily accessible and inviting cartoon.

Result: From Kazakhstan across the North Sea to Brazil, the film was told in the countries' own language, and the easily recognizable figures could subsequently be used in many other contexts on posters, brochures, in e-learning and on the web. And the drawn figures also came quite quickly on "new tasks" in the Maersk company. Later, Maersk Drilling also got its own version of "Bow Tie", in the same universe.

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