E-learning for Denmark’s largest infrastructure project

Many target groups

Background: Femern Link Contractors (FLC ) wanted to produce an e-learning course on occupational safety. The target group was everyone who had to have their time at the huge workplace at the Fehmarnbelt.

The structure is organized so that in the first part of the course you gain the necessary knowledge and settle into the mindset that makes it possible to solve tasks in the second part of the course.

In all underlying task types, this didactic/pedagogical structure is followed, so that answering one task simultaneously provides knowledge and a basis for answering the next task.

All answers are followed by a conclusion or summary, which also explains why the correct answer(s) was the correct choice.

Target groups: Separate course lines have been created for a total of 6 different groups, including guests, suppliers and work planners, and the course is prepared in 5 different languages.

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