Prevention of radicalisation


Task: How can schoolteachers get better at detecting when students are on the path to radicalisation?

Development of concepts: In cooperation with the client (Danish Association of School Leaders), Citizen Dane developed a series of general ideas for films to be used in schools in the prevention of radicalisation and extremism.

Production: Citizen Dane wrote the scripts and was responsible for the production up-lining, shooting, and editing.

The final result: The films are offered free of charge to all schools in Denmark. They stimulate discussions on whether schools have the necessary contingency plans and on possible scenarios where external help can and should be sought.

How to react if a pupil suddenly changes his or her behaviour and, for instance, becomes very interested in anti-democratic ideas and propaganda?

The first film – ‘Breaking News’ – describes a serious fictional event that may have been motivated by extremism.

In the other dilemma films, we see teachers, the SSP (a crime preventive cooperation between schools, social services, and the police) supervisor and the school principal, and hear their concerns, reflections, and thoughts.

This is the Danish SoMe version of a series of videos that Citizen Dane produced to prevent extremism among school children.

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