Films on investments for A.P. Moller Capital

Citizen Dane will produce yet more films for A.P. Moller Capital. The films describe the private equity and its investments, focusing on infrastructure in developing countries.

How a modern CEO communicates virtually

3Shape, the successful company behind scanners and software for dentists around the world, chose Citizen Dane for their latest major productions. We developed a creative pitch, did the shooting, the editing, and the versioning in eight different languages.

Video is the perfect match for social media

Citizen Dane usually makes different versions of the same film with a view to a spread on as many platforms as possible: one long, another shorter version and yet another super short version suitable for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Film combatting extremism

Citizen Dane has developed a series of films for schools to use in their efforts to prevent radicalization and extremism.

Princess Marie pays Citizen Dane a visit

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark was a highly interested guest when visiting Citizen Dane, where director Marcus Mandal and creative director/CEO Klaus Schiang-Franck shared how they produce films.

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