Corporate Film

Financial presentation film

The Danish FSA’s presentation film about their mission to build legitimate trust among citizens in the financial system.

Technical information

The Blending-on-Board lubrication system reduces the consumption of lubricating oil by up to 40% and reduces fuel consumption as well.

Threat of espionage

Citizen Dane has developed a course with PET giving the participants advice on how to prevent insider incidents.

Invest in Denmark

Region Hovedstaden wanted a series of films promoting the Capital Region as an attractive place for foreigners to place their business.

Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of Citizen Dane’s recruitment film for the ISS Management Trainee Programme.

ISS social media

A short SoMe version of the recruitment video for the ISS Global Management Trainee Programme, addressed to ambitious young people.

Videos for social media

150 years of history in 40 seconds, tailored for social medias. One of many versions of the anniversary videos produced for GN.

Jewellery brand

To name just a few, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Giorgio Armani wear these Shamballa Jewels.

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