Public Film

Hygiene dilemma

The Danish Health Authority wanted to make young people more aware of the importance of proper hand-washing through a campaign.

The National Aquarium Denmark

Northern Europe’s largest aquarium – Den Blå Planet – has ordered a series of beautiful branding films illustrating the many things happening under the sea.

Children in foster care

‘Lær for Livet’ will ensure positive learning to children in foster care and this film was to encourage more to volunteer as mentors.

The A-lamp

The film tells how the street lamp of the future, the A-lamp, was created through a unique collaboration between public and private entities.

Extremism – SoMe version

A short SoMe version of a series of campaign videos with a view to preventing extremism among school children.

How to make a CEO perform on camera

Citizen Dane’s experienced director, Marcus Mandal, explains how to get the most out of an interview with a CEO or other senior executives.

Ready to Start

A video about a unique recruitment offer enabling young people with autism to complete their vocational training.

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